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Yvonne Bornstein

Achievement, Adversity, Business, Female Perspective, Inspiration, International World Affairs, Yvonne BornsteinMy Journey Of Courage

The unimaginable happened to Yvonne Bornstein.
While on a business trip to Moscow, Yvonne was kidnapped, beaten, tortured and held captive for eleven horrifying days. The true story of her life-altering experience that was the first ever open collaboration between the F.B.I. and Russian intelligence, a negotiation that helped gain her safe release.

Just recently, Yvonne discovered that her captors turned out to be Chechen rebels with an Al Qeada connection.

Learn how Yvonne found the strength and courage to move beyond the tormenting memories of the experience, to once again find her way back to joyful living and happiness.
It took many years for Yvonne to even begin to speak of the atrocity but now believes herself to be an inspiration to those who have suffered a trauma of any kind. It has taken her many years to find happiness and would like to share that with you.

Books by Yvonne Bornstein include:
Eleven Days of Hell

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Topics: Achievement, Adversity, Business, Female Perspective, Inspiration, International World Affairs
Travels From: Victoria
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