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Kerry Larkan

Business, Business Development, Change Management, Customer Service, Master of Ceremonies, Motivation, Prospecting, Referral, Sales and Marketing, Kerry LarkanKerry Larkan is an acclaimed Australian consultant, author and international speaker.

And his success is extending beyond Australia into Asia, boosted by his relocation to Hong Kong in early 2005. In his earlier years Kerry carved out a career as a successful manager and leader managing a large budget and a staff of 400 plus for a number of years. Kerry has extensive hands-on experience in people skills spanning more than 25 years.

Developing employers of choice and an employment brand people want to work for is one of Kerry's strength's. Being a communication strategy and interpersonal skills expert and coach, Kerry develops and facilitates learning experiences for leaders and leadership teams, utilizing the Strategic alignment Survey, Senior Team Alignment Survey and Disc Indra.

As a Conference Speaker in Asia and Australia, Kerry is noted for his refreshing thought provoking perspectives and insights to problems and barriers. He is in demand as a mentor. In particular his skill for developing and implementing successful change strategies is highly sought after.

2004 saw Kerry complete major research on Staff Loyalty and Winning the Talent War. He has recently launched the concept of "Good Boss ~ Bad Boss" to the business world, following his research and review of staff loyalty and employers of choice.

His latest book, "The Talent War" is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and on Amazon.

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Topics: Business, Business Development, Change Management, Customer Service, Master of Ceremonies, Motivation, Prospecting, Referral, Sales and Marketing
Travels From: Victoria
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