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Ian Berry

Business, Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Sustainability, Cultural Change, Customer Retention, Customer Service, Leadership, Personal Development, Prospecting, Referral, Resilience, Sales and Marketing, Small Business, Social Issues, Sustainability, Teambuilding, Ian BerryIan Berry is an international business speaker with unique expertise in why doing good is good for business.

The author of two books and a contributing author to three more, Ian holds the CSP (Certified Professional Speaker) designation, the highest level available to professional speakers internationally. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Ian speaks about:

The significance of a simple yet profound strategy - why strategic planning is an oxymoron, what has replaced it, and how to guarantee strategy gets executed.

What real leaders do and fake ones don't - why self leadership and management precede successful leading and managing for others, how to lead and manage both self and for others at the same time.

No more people problems - why appraisals don't work and what to do instead, how to performance lead and manage on the go, how to create simple systems that fully support people in performing at their best on a consistent basis.

Tomorrow today, the future for business - why corporate social responsibility is not a fad or just philanthropy, and how to achieve profitable sustainability.

The remarkable rewards of resilience - drawing on his experience of recovering life threatening illness, Ian explores the least most talked about talent of the modern leadermanager, resilience, and how to be resilient in all facets of life.

Ian Berry's career as a strategic advisor and professional speaker began in 1990 and followed a highly successful career in financial services. His unique presentation packages and strategic advice challenge the mind, stir the heart, and inspire you to feel, think, be, and do like you never have before. Ian is regarded by many as Australia most engaging and inspiring business speaker.

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