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Croydon Chamber

Speaker booked: Tommy Hafey
"Tommy was ideal for the audience that we had - he had them all in his hand and in awe of him. So much so that they did not want to ask questions when the opportunity arose, but wouldn't let him go afterward."

"Helene was very helpful and prompt - if anything I was the tardy on in this arrangement, as is usual for not for profits, everything seems to be left to the last minute and to too few people."

Lycopodium Engineering

Speaker booked: Paul Fatherstone

"Many thanks for your presentations last week; we gained several valuable lessons from your discussions which perfectly matched the theme of safety, teamwork and families chosen for our Forum."

"I have received several compliments on the content of the presentations. Your obvious experience and success, along with the interesting video clips and your discursive, informative and engaging manner contributed significantly to the overall success of the day."

BAE Systems

Speaker booked: Derrick McManus
"We found that Derrick McManus was indeed an excellent speaker. He was so very interesting, providing a deep insight into the events he had confronted in his life, and then using this as a base to build the "change" message."

"I was provided with ideas and suggestions, followed up and everything handled exceptionally well."

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